GROTTO – TOWARDS THE SOUL is an interesting and adventurous point and click type new escape game developed by the ENA Game Studio for free. In the previous level you have found the map to reach the cave and Now you have to find another map here to reach the next level. Now it's your responsibility to find the way to reach the vampire's house to release the grandson's soul. If you have good problem solving nature, it is sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles. Have greater excitement and fun by playing escape games daily. Good Luck and Best wishes from escape games.

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  1. Terminado!
    Lo que más me costó fue el rompecabezas de círculos, pero es cuestión de ir poniendo los opacos detrás de los de colores... pones uno opaco en el cuadradito del círculo que gira, y sacas uno de color y lo pones delante del opaco.. y así.